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astralis | perceptual sensations

It is my first album ever. Concept and idea are taken from Terrafusion's album "Lost Jaded Justice" check here. Started working on it at beginning of June 2013 and finished it somewhere around November (however I was working at weekends and under pressure - deadline due to personal reason) that year. Until I'll forget - background of the cover is "Kiss Me" photo by Jose Manchado. Great job, man! I hope you don't mind I used it.

The album is absolutely free. It contains in total 7 tracks - not too much I think, but nevertheless, it's a still a some personal achievement, maybe I will be able to say someday "Look kids, your dad used to produce music!" :) And it's just a beginning... A little problem is that I still feel that I could do something better... being a little bit perfectionist doesn't always pay off.

Now I think I will do some break from music production. I want to focus more on things that aren't just a hobby, like my faith, personal development, school and programming. But summa summarum, I'm happy I did this album!

Ah, sorry for inconvenience, but sometimes you have to download 2 or 3 .rar files and extract mp3 from it. There's a limit of file size at - 10 MB / file. I apologize for this once again - but it's not my fault.

Update // May 31 2014 : I'm still alive! :) From now officialy available @ YouTube... Click

Update // Nov 15 2013 : I've added a small player to make listening easier. Just please note that tracks which you can listen in it are encoded in lower quality (192kbps with one exception).

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Click on title of any track to get download link(s) and some short info about each one.

Polar Night     Looking For Her     Distrust     Perceptual Sensations     Stay     Everything We've Lost     Walk Your Way

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