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Perceptual Sensations

Length: 4:26

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Let me start with fact that is probably my favourite tune in this album. Maybe because of sounds which are in guts of this track, maybe because it's most representative tune from whole album? I don't know.

I started working on it: Jul 2, 2013, created that day beat and pad melody. For next 2 months I did nothing more than just listening what I already created (~30 secs) in loop, and after that time, one day I did almost all track in few hours, because I felt it had to be done. It would be shame for me if I wouldn't put this one to the album, especially that from very beginning of production I knew title, which has something catchy in itself. Cover of album helps in realizing what I'm now writing about.

It all has a lot in common with one person - definitely one of the best I've ever got to know, and whose initials I used to name the track and who is the main reason this album exists.

Thank You.