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Being always fascinated by computers and games, a few years ago during playing Hacker Evolution I especially enjoyed soundtrack from it by DJ Velocity. It was my enter gate into world of electronic music. Before that I listened a lot of pop music (times of Timbaland's "Apologize") Later I completely fell in love with trance thanks to Icone - a brilliant producer which really helped me a lot. If you're fan of trance, check him out.

When I started to produce more complex music than "woop-woop-woop", I shared some of them on some forums and I got a lot of valuable feedback. After some break, I came back to production again. In that time my music preferences slightly changed - just before starting production of my first album I discovered liquid drum and bass - and found myself in it, as in movies/games soundtracks. Nevertheless, I still listen to trance (and some other genres which from I take inspiration).

I feel there's a lot more to come yet for me in terms of music... Who knows...? :) Here are some artist which exerted influence on me in last time: Feint, Grafix, Terrafusion, Icone.

Now getting out of this stuff, personally I'm interested in programming and astronomy. I like to learn about world & nature (National Geographic). I'm also a big fan of film, video games and tosts :) As almost everyone in my age, I enjoy sports - mostly football, volleyball and table tennis. I try to put a lot of effort in my personal development, because I don't see myself as a composer in the future. But instead of talking about my plans, I prefer to endavour to make them come true.

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