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My tunes are here. There are not too much of them. I tried to select only the best ones. More to come? Maybe in the future. Someday.


Astralis - Never Look Back
Great (imo) trancer inspired by Arctic Moon's stuff (Adelaide, True Romance etc.). To be honest, it's a kind of trance I always wanted to produce. Mastering is very bad ('cause there is _no_ mastering :D ). In terms of title... you know, everyone sometimes makes a mistake which costs a lot. Then we regret, we want to back in time... But something has been lost. But life goes on. You have to move forward. You have to live, so never look back.


Plastic Boy - Twixt (Matthew Roar Remix)
I still remember beginnings of making this tune. Started at the last day of 2010, and finished about 3 weeks later - great gift for birthday. Very clear sounding, I'm not afraid to say that this is the best my remix ever.
Remixed when I used my previous alias :)

Kota - Waiting (Matthew Roar Remix)
Ohhh.. so much memories. Over 100 hours spent on this project. Positive feedback at Now I still hear some mistakes which I could ofc fix, but what's the point of it? I learnt so much during production of this tune... And human learns on mistakes.
The tune is built in Icone style. Even Wim liked it! "Good work so far on Kota remix", he wrote to me when I sent the tune to him ^^

Super8 & Tab - Empire (Matthew Roar Remix)
Okay, so this is the first remix from Matthew Roar (created using remix pack from which was/is good enough to put it here. This version is significantly refreshed and differs from the first version of remix. Nevertheless, I put it in 2011. What have I fixed? Another pluck sound, delay on vocals and a bunch of technical issues.

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